What is Kempo Karate?

Kempo is a comprehensive and diverse means of unarmed self-defense. The roots of the Kempo system trace back to the warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple, the renowned home of kung-fu. Throughout centuries, the techniques of Kempo have been refined and it's content expanded to include the most effective strikes, throws, and movements. Combined with a pioneering application of teaching techniques, anti-bullying content, and character development paradigms, students become leaders among their peers and realize their capacity to command any situation.

Our classes are primarily segmented by age, and as we develop a deeper understanding of you as a student, we will guide you towards the classes that will benefit you most, based on your physical and cognitive maturity.

Below, you'll find our karate class groups, along with our other programs and services.


Our karate classes are grouped by age, as a useful, but flexible entry point for all new students.

Tiny Tigers ages 3-4

Little Dragons ages 4-6

Preteens ages 7-10

Jr. Adult ages 11-14

Adult ages 15+

Kung Fu


Pure traditional martial arts. Developed by the warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple, through the study of fighting movements used by the five animals of kung-fu, the system taught at Kempo Academy remains unchanged from its original form. Below, you’ll find the five animals of kung-fu long with a  preview of the weapons training that is included in this program.

Tiger - Crane - Snake - Mantis - Leopard

Staff - Broadsword - Spear - Nunchaku - Sais

Fitness Programing


Motivated to change how you look and feel? Tired of fad diets that don't work, uninterested trainers at your gym, and ready to try something new, something that works? Click the link below to learn more about our online personal training service, what to expect during your time as a True MAS Fitness client, and our expectations of the individuals we train.